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QIMA offers Product Inspections, Supplier Audits and Lab Testing in all of China. We guarantee an inspector on-site within 48 hours of your order.

Quality Control Services in China

Quality control check performed by QIMA inspector in Chinese factory

Today, China is Asia's major manufacturing powerhouse and a prime sourcing destination for brands and retailers worldwide. Globally, "made in China" is no longer always synonymous with poor quality, but effective quality control mechanisms remain a priority for any business looking to secure their supply chain.

With offices and labs in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, QIMA performs product inspections, lab testing and supplier audits in all of China, helping you ensure product quality, avoid supply chain disruptions and protect your brand reputation.

What is quality control?

Quality control check on electronics performed by QIMA inspector

Quality control is a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against specifications. Through product inspections, auditing, lab testing and proactive measures, the quality of products produced in China can be monitored to ensure adherence to international standards.

Various types of inspections and audits are available to meet the quality control needs of each step in your manufacturing process. The QIMA online platform makes ordering and receiving reports simple and easy.

Supplier Audits in China

QIMA product inspection in China for quality control check before shipment.

QIMA's highly qualified auditors can conduct Manufacturing, Ethical, Structural, Environmental and C-TPAT audits of your Chinese suppliers' factories, helping you engage with capable and ethical suppliers. QIMA conducts audits to a number of international standards, our own Best-in-Class protocol or your in-house requirements.

QIMA Supplier Audits in China help you:

  • Protect your brand against operational and ethical risks
  • Ensure safe and ethical working conditions in your supply chain
  • Get a comprehensive profile of your Chinese supplier – before you give them your business

Lab Testing in China

QIMA laboratory test performed as part of quality control check in China

QIMA operates 6 testing labs in Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Wenzhou which are fully accredited to perform a wide range of tests on products in China. QIMA labs offer over 6,000 tests in a number of categories, including softlines, hardlines, eyewear, promotional items, textiles, apparel, toys and children's products, and more.

Our lab testing capabilities in China are accredited by and in accordance with the following regulatory bodies and international standards:

  • ANAB
  • CPSC
  • ISO 17025

Product Inspections in China

QIMA product inspection in China for quality control check before shipment.

Inspect your product before it leaves your Chinese supplier's factory, and prevent quality problems down the line. We guarantee an inspector on-site of any factory in China within 48 hours, and the inspection report will be delivered to you on the day of the inspection.

Experienced QIMA product inspectors help you safeguard the quality of your product at every stage of manufacturing:


Transparent Pricing:

  • Product inspections in China: All-inclusive pricing
  • Supplier audits in China: All-inclusive pricing
  • Lab tests: instant online quotes

Fast Turnaround:

  • Inspectors and auditors on-site of any factory within 48 hours
  • Same-day inspection reports

Easy and Flexible Scheduling:

  • Manage orders and inspections online or via mobile app
  • Modify or cancel orders up until 4 pm (China time) the day before the scheduled inspection

Toimitusketjun silmälläpitäjä!© - We are an independent, certified and licensed quality control company, working on your side to protect your business interests in the supply chain.

Manage Your Quality Control Process Online - Create your free account, schedule your Inspections online, make payment arrangements, and receive your detailed Inspection report electronically.

Safer - QIMA utilizes the strictest international standards ensuring product safety and regulatory requirements are met.

Comprehensive Reports – Inspection reports include detailed pictures to let you see what our inspectors see. Audit reports include copies of factory records, management interviews, and images, ensuring a complete profile of your supplier.

Sourcing from China – Current Challenges

Recent product inspection data shows that China's beyond AQL rates are hovering around the 30% percent mark, a slight improvement on the average value for Asia and Asia Pacific, and a distinct advantage against other manufacturing powerhouses, such as India and Bangladesh (where failure rates reach 46% and 54%, respectively). Nevertheless, a supply chain where one-third must be reworked before they are shipped leaves ample room for improvement, especially for brands and retailers sourcing on a large scale.

In the face of these figures, any brand and retailer sourcing from China must remain vigilant. This is especially the case for high-risk product categories, such as toys and children's products, as shown by the fact that China-sourced toys firmly remain in the lead among the EU's recalls.

This data serves to emphasize the importance of quality control and reliable on-site inspection services. For any Western-based brand manufacturing in China, the perfect third-party inspector must combine industry expertise with local knowledge and experience. Dependable quality control services must span the entire sourcing cycle: from onsite product inspections at different manufacturing stages, to comprehensive supplier audits and lab testing.

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