Your Upcoming Orders
Date     Service Type     Product Name Supplier    
15-Sep-2017 EA   Large deck chair with iron handles Tahoma Garden Co.
08-Sep-2017 DUPRO   Medium deck chair - white & blue handles Courrier Outdoor Supplies
02-Sep-2017 PSI   Iron plant holder with oriental red ornaments Bauhaus Furnitures
29-Aug-2017 LT   Wooden outdoor table Ningbo Home Ltd.
Your Latest Reports
Service Date     Service Type     Product Name Result    
28-Aug-2017 PSI   Dahlia Square Table & 4 Chairs Failed
26-Aug-2017 EA   Rattan Coffee Table Passed
17-Aug-2017 PSI   Curved grey parasol with dark stained wooden pole Passed
11-Aug-2017 LT   White Vintage Chalice Planter Failed
23-Jul-2017 DUPRO   Garden Basket Set Passed
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