California Proposition 65 Compliance Testing

Our comprehensive testing and quality assurance programs help you ensure your product’s compliance with California Prop 65 requirements. Meet regulatory standards and avoid recalls with California Prop 65 compliance testing and assessments.

California Proposition 65 Compliance

All businesses selling products in the state of California must comply with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, more commonly known as California Proposition 65, or Cal Prop 65. Our qualified experts can help you achieve compliance and avoid costly recalls, complaints, and potential litigation. Shield your business – and your customers – with our experience in California Prop 65 testing.

Our comprehensive programs to help you achieve Prop 65 compliance include:

  • Product assessments
  • Lab testing
  • Technical guidance
  • Settlement reviews

What Is California Proposition 65?

California Prop 65 is a law intended to protect the State’s residents and drinking water sources from toxic chemicals and to inform its citizens about exposure. The State has published a list of over 950 naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Violations for non-compliance may result in delays, lawsuits, fines, and recalls – all of which are avoidable with proper testing. Our California Prop 65 testing services evaluate your product against this list.

While Cal Prop 65 does not expressly prohibit the sale of products containing its listed chemicals, it does require the manufacturer to provide a "clear and reasonable" warning if a product’s content of a listed chemical exceeds the "safe harbor level." In the event that labeling is required for your product, our experts will guide you through the process from start to finish to help you achieve total regulatory compliance.

What Does Our California Prop 65 Testing Cover?

California Prop 65 applies to all consumer products sold in the state of California.

Our experts will test your products for listed chemicals and advise you on achieving Prop 65 compliance. We have expertise in a wide variety of product categories, including, but not limited to:

Your product will undergo a cultivated testing methodology, resulting in your product’s full compliance:

  • Review - an expert toxicologist will review the raw materials that have been disclosed in your product and compare it to the Prop 65 list of chemicals of concern.
  • Assessment - If any chemicals of concern are found in your products, a chemical assessment will be performed that will determine whether or not safe exposure levels are found under certain conditions.
  • Report - a report is generated for you and if unsafe levels of harmful chemicals are found, we will guide you through the labeling and corrective action process to bring your product into compliance.

Our process is continuously updated to follow any changes to California Prop 65, including any new chemicals added to the inventory.


Our world-class services deliver cutting-edge testing and reporting that include:

  • Comprehensive testing capabilities covering a wide range of consumer products
  • A network of global labs providing one-stop service to you and your suppliers
  • Rapid turnaround time for testing
  • Lab experts trained and certified in California Prop 65 testing methods
  • A globalized support team with deep experience and knowledge to push your projects forward
  • Simple online booking and an easy-to-use dashboard for managing orders and accessing reports anywhere, at any time

QIMA offers comprehensive testing inspection programs to mitigate your company’s risk of exposure to lawsuits and recalls. Save money and avoid costly defects by ensuring your products meet the specifications and quality standards of California Prop 65 both during the laboratory testing process and during production.

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